Whatsapp Threatened blocked in United Kingdom

Harga Smartphone Terbaru - In the United Kingdom threatened WhatsApp users unable to use the messaging service. State the Kingdom will impose new rules related to the encrypted message. 

In addition to WhatsApp, iMessage and Snap chat also going to hit resin. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron had previously made a statement with regard to this matter. 

"In our country, whether we will allow communication tools which we can't read it? My answer to that question, it should not, "he said as reported by the Daily Star, Friday (10/7/2015). 

"I will make sure this is part of comprehensive legislation that ensures we do not allow room for terrorists to communicate with each other," he added. 

Anticipating the occurrence of extreme cases, Cameron insisted that the Government must have access to be able to read it. If the company behind applications messaging does not work together with the Government of the United Kingdom in this regard, Cameron will propose legislation to prohibit them. 

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