The official release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

The official release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016
Ngeblog Bareng Yuni - After a few months and then presents a preview version. Microsoft released the Office the latest an application are intended for Mac users.

2016 Office for Mac Office 2011 replaced released 5 years ago. Present in 140countries with support in 16 languages.

This update does not only bring the World, Excel and PowerPoint that later. But a series of new features bandwagon also propagated. Including screen Retina Displaysupport, interface Ribbon, multi-touch gesture, Full Screen mode and integration of cloud,

"Office for Mac to connect to the cloud. So users can quickly access documents that are created from other devices. Now, included also the sharing tools make it easy to invite colleagues to work on documents together, "Microsoft said in its official blog. "When sharing documents, users do not have to worry about losing content or format. 

Business Premium, E3 or ProPlus. Starting September, Office 2016 can be purchased without a subscription.

This Office application can be run on Mac-based device Yosemite or above.

Whatsapp Threatened blocked in United Kingdom

Whatsapp Threatened blocked in United Kingdom
Harga Smartphone Terbaru - In the United Kingdom threatened WhatsApp users unable to use the messaging service. State the Kingdom will impose new rules related to the encrypted message. 

In addition to WhatsApp, iMessage and Snap chat also going to hit resin. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron had previously made a statement with regard to this matter. 

"In our country, whether we will allow communication tools which we can't read it? My answer to that question, it should not, "he said as reported by the Daily Star, Friday (10/7/2015). 

"I will make sure this is part of comprehensive legislation that ensures we do not allow room for terrorists to communicate with each other," he added. 

Anticipating the occurrence of extreme cases, Cameron insisted that the Government must have access to be able to read it. If the company behind applications messaging does not work together with the Government of the United Kingdom in this regard, Cameron will propose legislation to prohibit them. 

Samsung Has Yet To Forget Galaxy S5

Samsung Has Yet To Forget Galaxy S5
Harga Laptop Terbaru - As the successor to the Galaxy Samsung S5, in fact, already have a Galaxy S6. But that does not mean the Galaxy S5 forgotten because Samsung is called instead of the middle of his new version of BBB with better specs.

Although still just kasak-kusuk Samsung reportedly will be named as Galaxy S5 Neo.Even the status of the mobile phone has now been certified in the WiFi Alliance,evidence that peluncuranya might not be too much longer.

Galaxy S5 Neo listed on WiFi Alliance since July 6 and then, from there, also revealedthe specifications of different themes. This phone is written would use the latestgeneration Exynos processor, but it's certainly not used Galaxy S6, but rather theability 7580 Exynos a bit lower.

Exynos 7580 octa core 64 bit also, but its clock speed is at 1.6 GHz. Graphics Chip is also fairly with Mali-T720. Both sustained performance with the use of the RAM of 2GB. While its internal memory capacity of 16 GB.

REC sectors remained with the ability 16 MP, but the front camera 5 MP, so increasedas galaxy S6. Part of the screen and the battery still the same, i.e. have a 5.1-inch spanwith a resolution that is very probably still full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), the battery and the capacity 2800 mAh.